Does the onblur event still work in IE7?


John Kotuby

Hi all,

I am integrating some 3rd party grids into a large ASPX form page in VS 2008
using VB.

I have 4 different grids on the page. The object is to not allow the user to
leave a grid if he/she is in the middle of editing a row and has not
selected the button to "save" the changes to the client-mode grid. BTW, none
of these "changes" are actually saved to the database until the entire page
is posted back (I am not using Callbacks on each row edit).

So I am trying to apply the onblur event to the Table element that contains
the Grid. Even though I have read much documentation that states onblur will
operate with Table and Div elements, the JavaScript function I have created
as a handler is not firing.

Thus I pose the question.

I notice that intellisense does not allow onblur to be entered for a Table
element but does allow it for an input type="text".

I have created the attribute in server code for this reason.
Me.Grid1.Attributes.Add("onblur", "isGrid1Editing()")

The onblur attribute appears in the generated HTML but it does not seem to
be firing.
Can anyone explain why this might be the case?
Thanks for any response...

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