Error in Classic ASP site brings the entire site down



There is an old site that i'm having to maintain in classic asp. For
some reason, the original developers didn't belive in validation, so
there are many places where if the user puts in invalid data,
asp/vbscript throws a big sql server error. In development, on my
windows XP box, I can see this error (basically the field is not large
enough in sql server for the text they are trying to enter.) However,
when this error occurs on the production windows 2000 server box that
the hosting company is using, it brings the entire asp website down.
Static pages and ASP.NET pages still work fine, but all the classic asp
pages hang and hang and are entirely unresponsive.

Is there some setting or issue with windows 2000 where these types of
errors would crash the whole website? its like a transaction is
deadlocked or something but this hanging behavior doesn't happen on
windows xp on my local box. I check the sql server database shows all
the connections for that site's sql login to be sleeping.

I know i can simply enlarge the field and/or put in data validation.
But i want to make sure that if there are any other similar errors in
the future, they don't bring the site down. Any ideas?

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