Extracting Numerica Data Pairs from Text Box

Discussion in 'Javascript' started by Michael Hill, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. Michael Hill

    Michael Hill Guest

    Hi, folks.

    I am writing a Javascript program that accepts (x, y) data pairs from
    a text box and then analyzes that data in various ways. This is my
    first time using text area boxes; in the past, I have used individual
    entry fields for each variable. I would now like to use text area
    boxes to simplify the data entry (this way, data can be produced by
    another program--FORTRAN, "C", etc.--but analyzed online, so long as
    it is first converted to plain-text).

    In any case, extracting the data from the box is tripping me up. I
    would like to prompt the user to input the (x, y) data pairs one per

    1 2
    2 4
    3 9

    Could somebody please direct me to code for extracting these values
    from the text box and converting them into meaningful floating-point


    Michael Hill, Feb 10, 2005
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  2. Michael Hill

    RobG Guest

    You should require your users to enter each pair separately;
    otherwise you are making your job really hard. If you allow
    multiple lines of input, you must split your lines first, then
    test that each line has valid input (or reject the lot if an
    error is found). There is no reasonable way of doing this.
    Another issues is that of the comma: ",". It is frequently used
    as both a thousands separator, a decimal point and a number

    For example, is the text "1,200" to be interpreted as one
    thousand two hundred, one point two zero zero or a coordinate
    pair where x=1 and y=200?

    The code below takes the input and checks that only 0-9, ',' and
    '.' have been entered. It then replaces the comma with a space,
    removes leading and trailing spaces and splits what remains into
    an array. It then checks that the first two elements of the
    array pass a test as floats. The idea is that whilst alpha
    characters may be OK in numbers in some contexts (e.g. 2.0e3),
    in this case they aren't.

    I have included two tests: the first uses a regular expression
    to check for 1 to 4 digits optionally followed by a decimal
    point and one or two more digits. The second just converts the
    elements to floats, then evaluates if the result matches the
    pre-parsed value. The theory is that if they convert OK then
    all is well.

    Just keep whichever test you feel is better and delete the other
    code block.

    If you want to include multiple lines of input, include newline
    '\n' in the initial test and split the lines using
    t.split('\n'). Then use a loop to run the resulting array
    elements through the testing currently done on the input, split
    the elements into (x y) and do the second set of testing.

    Let us know if you want more help, I can post a text area
    version if you *really* want it.


    <script type="text/javascript">
    function getCoords(t) {
    var xy;
    var eMsg = 'Your input is invalid.'
    + '\nPlease enter coordinates as two values '
    + 'separated by a space or comma. \ne.g. '
    + '23.5 12.2 or 23.5,12.2';

    // test input is only digits, spaces or commas
    if (t.search(/[^\d\.,]/) == -1) {
    return false;

    // Process input
    t = t.replace(/,/g, ' '); // replace comma with space
    t = t.replace(/^\s*/, ''); // replace leading spaces
    t = t.replace(/\s*$/, ''); // replace trailing spaces
    xy = t.split(/\s+/g); // split into x & y

    // regular expression test
    if ( /^\d{1,4}(\.\d\d?)?$/.test(xy[0])
    && /^\d{1,4}(\.\d\d?)?$/.test(xy[0]) ) {
    } else {
    return false;

    // parseFloat test
    if (xy[0] == parseFloat(xy[0])
    && xy[1] == parseFloat(xy[1])) {
    } else {
    return false;

    return (xy);

    <form action="">
    <input type="text" name="coords" size="20">
    <input type="button" value="click me" onclick="
    var xy = getCoords(this.form.coords.value);
    if (xy) alert('x = ' + xy[0] + '\ny = ' + xy[1]);
    RobG, Feb 11, 2005
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  3. Michael Hill

    Michael Hill Guest

    Hi, Rob.

    Thanks for the help.

    Yes, I would like to see a textarea version block of code. If you
    could post it, that would be fantastic.

    Thanks a lot.

    Michael Hill, Feb 11, 2005
  4. JRS: In article <OJUOd.500$>, dated
    Fri, 11 Feb 2005 02:26:54, seen in RobG
    Or, partly tested, ...

    function getCoords(t) {
    var eMsg = 'Your input is invalid.'
    + '\nPlease enter co-ordinates as two values '
    + 'separated by a space or comma. \ne.g. '
    + '23.5 12.2 or 23.5,12.2';

    A = /^\s*(([+-]?\d{1,4})(\.\d\d?)?)[, ](([+-]?\d{1,4})(\.\d\d?)?)\s*$/.exec(t)
    if (!A) { alert(eMsg) ; return false }
    return [+A[1], +A[4]] }


    It would be nice to allow either a comma followed by \s* or \s+ :

    A = /^\s*(([+-]?\d{1,4})(\.\d\d?)?)(,\s*|\s+)(([+-]?\d{1,4})(\.\d\d?)?)\s*$/.exec(F.X0.value)
    if (!A) { alert(eMsg) ; return false }
    return [+A[1],+A[5]] }

    I expect A = ... exec(t) to be transmitted as single lines; if you see
    them broken, then your end broke them.
    Dr John Stockton, Feb 11, 2005
  5. Michael Hill

    RobG Guest

    I've taken the approach that you want to validate the input, then
    send it to your app. The code checks input and writes it back to
    the screen. Errors are highlighted for correction, the actual
    text in the text area is not modified at all. I think it is much
    more user-friendly to let the user modify their own keystrokes.

    When the input passes all the tests, the script returns the
    coords as an array. Otherwise, it returns false.

    I have added a conditional submit button in case you want to to
    do that. Of course if you do submit it, you still need to do
    full validation on the server, client-side scripting does not
    guarantee anything.

    I've taken a few shortcuts with styles and layout - hey, it's
    just a demo!

    There was an error in my original script (cut 'n paste...)

    if ( /^\d{1,4}(\.\d\d?)?$/.test(xy[0])
    && /^\d{1,4}(\.\d\d?)?$/.test(xy[0]) ) {

    Only tests xy[0] (twice!) - it should have been:

    if ( /^\d{1,4}(\.\d\d?)?$/.test(xy[0])
    && /^\d{1,4}(\.\d\d?)?$/.test(xy[1]) ) {


    <style type="text/css">
    body {font-family: sans-serif}
    ..coord {color: black; font: 10pt courier;}
    ..tip {color: #444477; font-size:80%;
    font-family: arial, sans-serif;}

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function doCoords(xyIn) {
    var xyL = xyIn.split('\n');
    var xyOut = []; // Array for output
    var err = false;
    var errM = false;

    for (var i=0, len=xyL.length; i<len; i++){
    t = xyL;

    // test input is only digits, spaces or commas
    if (t.search(/[^\d\.,]/) == -1) err = true;

    // Process input
    t = t.replace(/,/g, ' '); // replace comma with space
    t = t.replace(/^\s*/, ''); // replace leading spaces
    t = t.replace(/\s*$/, ''); // replace trailing spaces
    xy = t.split(/\s+/g); // split into x & y

    // regular expression test
    if ( !/^\d{1,4}(\.\d\d?)?$/.test(xy[0])
    || !/^\d{1,4}(\.\d\d?)?$/.test(xy[1]) ) {
    err = true;

    // Prepare output list
    if (err) {
    errM = true;
    err = false;
    } else {
    xyOut.push(xy[0]+' '+xy[1]);


    return (errM)? !errM : xyOut;

    // Write validated list to preview area
    function showXYout(xyOut,errM){
    var o = document.getElementById('preview');
    var txt = '';

    for (var i=0, len=xyOut.length; i<len; i++) {
    txt += addZ(i+1) + ': ' + xyOut + '<br>'
    o.innerHTML = txt;

    // Add a leading zero to single digit numbers
    function addZ(n) {
    return (n<10)?'0'+n:n;
    <table border="1"><tr>
    <td>Input coordinates<br>
    <span class="tip">Decimal values separated by a comma<br>
    or space, e.g. 12.3 43.8 or 12.3,43.8.<br> Click preview
    to check input before submitting.</span>
    </td><td valign="top">
    <span class="">Results preview</span>
    <td valign="top">
    <form action="" onsubmit="
    return doCoords(this.coords.value);
    <textarea name="coords" rows="20" cols="15"></textarea>
    <input type="button" value="Check coords" onclick="
    alert('List OK'):alert('List has errors');
    <input type="submit" value="Submit coords">
    <td style="border: 1px solid red; width:15em" valign="top">
    <div id="preview" class="coord"><i>results
    will appear here</i></div>
    RobG, Feb 12, 2005
  6. Michael Hill

    Michael Hill Guest

    Rob, thanks for your help.

    Based on your code, it seemed pretty straightforward; however, my
    version does not seem to be working. I include my code at the bottom.
    And, if you are curious, the page I am working on is posted here:

    The test for the presence of a digit works fine.

    However, after altering your code somewhat, the section that tests for
    the presence of anything BUT digits, whitespace, "+", "-", and decimal
    points does not seem to work. I enter a string in the text box that
    includes both digits and letters, but my error condition is not
    triggered. Any idea what I am overlooking?




    Following is the relevant section of code:

    function csSolve(dataForm){

    var dataFormElements = dataForm.elements; // Reference to form
    elements array.

    textareaIndex = 0; // The form array index for the textarea element
    textareaString = "";

    textareaString = textareaString +

    if (textareaString.length == 0){
    alert("The length of textareaString is 0. No data has been entered.
    No further action taken.");

    alert("textarea is " + textareaString + ".");

    // At this point, textareaString is a big long string containing the
    entire field entered in the textarea box.
    // Must now clean up the data: remove leading and trailing spaces,
    break up the data pairs by line, etc.

    // Check to see that string contains digits; if not, no point
    if (textareaString.search(/\d/) == -1){
    alert("textareaString does not contain any digits. No further action

    // Check to see that string contains only digits, decimal points, "+"
    or "-" sign, or white space; if not, no point continuing
    if (textareaString.search(/[^\d\.\s\+\-]/) == -1){
    alert("textareaString contains a character other than digits,
    decimal points, or white space. Please edit data so that it is in the
    appropriate format. No further action taken.");

    alert("Leaving text input section and about to return.");


    } //End of csSolve
    Michael Hill, Feb 15, 2005
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