Failed to start monitoring changes issue



We have an ASP.NET solution that had been building just fine for a couple of
months. Suddenly when trying to build yesterday, after getting the latest
version of the solution from TFS, we got an error stating:

Failed to start monitoring changes to 'C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxxxx\My
Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\yyyyy\yyyyy\global.asax' because access
is denied.

This was reproducible on two different development PCs, each with
essentially the same set up (Win XP SP2, VSTS 2005 one Software Developers,
one Team Suite, IIS 5 installed on both).

This error does not occur when building a web site from a different solution
also kept in TFS.

I have read all the posts about impersonation (not applicable here) and the
ASPNET user permission problems but I don't see how this would apply all of a
sudden when everything worked fine before.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!



Alvin Bruney [MVP]

If i remember correctly, you need to open visual studio temp folders and 1.
purge it. 2. Set the correct permissions on the folder. I can't exactly
remember where the temp folder in visual studio is, but you should find it
in one of the menus. it points to a temporary path on disk.

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