FPGA/CPLD Design Group on LinkedIn



FPGA/CPLD Design Group on LinkedIn

Group for People Involved In the Design and Verification of FPGA's,
other Programmable Logic , and CPLD's to Exchange Idea's and
Techniques. You should have FPGA / CPLD Design / Verification on your
Profile. (The focus is more on FPGA/CPLD in the product as opposed to
FPGA's solely as a path to an ASIC) VHDL / Verilog / ABLE / SystemC
and other HDL's as well. Vendors included: Xilinx, Altera, Actel,
Lattice, Atmel, QuickLogic, Tabula, Silicon Blue, Mentor, Cadence,
Synopsys, Aldec, NI, Altium, and Many Others. Networking on LinkedIn
can be a way to get technical questions answered. It can also be a way
to meet contacts with expertise in other domains of knowledge other
than your own. Additionally, many career enhancing contacts, and
mentors can potentially found especially if one is at a smaller
company that lacks the resources for extensive internal networking.



(Tip - when first signing up on linkedin cut-paste from a resume)


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