Framework recommendations for web service?


Phillip B Oldham

We're looking at the next phase of development for our webapp, and the
main focus will be to move the core from the app to a web service so
other systems can use the data we've gathered (we're thinking along
the lines of the XML API of Highrise from 37Signals).

Its possible that we'll extend the service to allow access via vanilla
XML, JSON, and YAML at some point, however we've decided to use
Facebook's Thrift for connectivity initially to support as many techs
as possible and also because our web interface for the app is written
in PHP.

As we're extracting the core we'll be translating it to Python to make
use of the wealth of well-structured libraries and hopefully make the
project shorter. However, we've hit a snag in choosing a framework
around which to rebuild the service.

It seems the more popular frameworks (django, turbogears) are all
focused on providing web content. Since our core will be using thrift
to communicate, we don't need templating, feeds, admin pages (django),
or ajax (turbogears).

What we *do* need is a lightweight, simple framework that will allow
us to create a RESTful interface and throw code together fast. We'll
probably go with SQLObject (unless we can extract the ORM from django
- lazy evaluation would be very useful), and we're just looking for
something fast and light to sit between that and the thrift interfaces
we'll create.

So, can anyone suggest a lightweight python framework which just does
the essentials?



Joshua Kugler

Phillip said:
So, can anyone suggest a lightweight python framework which just does
the essentials? is pretty slim (not to be confused with web2py).

Pylons isn't very large, depending on what you call "essential."


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