Emmanuel Surleau

Emmanuel Surleau a écrit :
I don't care if it "stand out that much" - it works fine and is well
documented. Given that for most web apps, Django's ORM is a good enough
tool, I don't see the point in using 3 or more "different" frameworks
that basically do the same things in slightly different ways, each with
it's own strong and weak points.

I think we'd be lucky to have just 3 :) But there are obviously advantages to
something more modular like Pylons, and Tornado looks interesting as well
(haven't used it yet, though). That's open-source for you.

Thinking about it, that's where modularity can hurt, eg, Pylons. Developing a
"reusable app" like Django's is more difficult if you don't know what ORM or
templating system is being used. Unless you stick to the most popular choices,
but this removes, in practice, flexibility for developers who need such apps.
I'm not saying that Django is "better" than Pylons or or (insert
yur favorite framework here) - and to be true, I think Pylons is
globally smarter than Django -, I'm saying that it do the job, and do it
well enough to be worth using. Sorry for being so pragmatic.

I also agree that in terms of LOCs necessary to implement a log file
parser, Python is also very far from optimal, at least compared to Perl !-)

I think that depends on how many regular expressions you use in your code.
Think about all these lines with } you don't need any more. As far as
languages go, Python strikes a good balance between readability and concision,
How many Django custom tags did you write, exactly ? And of which level
of complexity ? Once again, I'm not pretending Django is the best thing
ever, but most of your remarks remind me of what I once could have say -
that is, before having enough experience writing and maintaining Django
apps. One of the greatest features of Django - and possibly what finally
makes it so pythonic - is that it doesn't try to be *too* smart - just
smart enough.

I'll grant you I don't have a huge experience with Django custom tags (or
Django in general). Should I do more Django in the future, custom tags would
irk me less (after all, I even got used to ASP, so...). This still does not
make them particularly practical, though I agree that they are not a huge

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