Getting debugger line numbers from external assembly from ASP.Net



Hi everyone,

I have an ASP.Net app that uses a C# assembly I compiled as a separate
project / dll. This assembly was compiled in debug mode, yet when the
ASP.Net page calls a method in it, and an exception occurs within that
the assembly's method, there is no line number info in the generated

The external assembly sits in my ASP.Net app's bin folder....but in
order for line numbers to appear whenever this assembly generates an
exception, do I also need its .pdb file in the bin folder as well?
We're using version 1.1 of the .Net runtime, and Visual Studio 2003,
fwiw. Thanks very much for the assist!



Michael Nemtsev [MVP]

Hello (e-mail address removed),

Just to add to Mark post, if your put your DLL into GAC you need to put the
PDB next to gac dll either

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