Graduation project (Human Activity Recognition)

Oct 9, 2022
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this is my first time asking a question here,

I'm a computer science student in my last year now and we are looking for an idea for our graduation project, our mentor said he wants to make a human activity recognition project which will keep track of the current activity in the room(an example would be if the lecturer is using the data show, the lights will go off to make the view more visible or if he isn't using it, it will go on. Another example: if the room is empty, the lights will go off) he also wants to adjust the fans and air conditioning according to the temperature.

all we know is that we will need machine learning, computer vision, IOT, embedded systems and maybe other things.

what I'm asking for is any tips, help, resources or anything to help me understand more about the project and how would we go to implement such thing

Thanks in advance


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