gtkwave-3.2.2 released

Discussion in 'VHDL' started by bybell, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. bybell

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    Many updates and bug fixes in this release. Most of the delay for this
    release has been in QA'ing the new FST file format. Some of the more
    notable changes:

    (*) Fixed segfault caused by improper search/replace and malloc length
    in renderopt.c for ps2pdf. (patches from CVS were already out there
    for Fedora for 3.2.1 for this)
    (*) Better support for helper apps in MinGW. All should now work.
    (*) Added support for the FST file format along with converters
    vcd2fst and fst2vcd.
    (*) Events are now depicted as impulse arrows.
    (*) GHW reader supports negative indices on bitstrands now.
    (*) Added evcd2vcd which splits evcd port defs into separate in/out
    port defs for better visibility.
    (*) Added visual scope and type information in signal selection
    trees / mouseover. (i.e., now you can tell if you're descending into
    functions, tasks, looking at regs versus wires, etc.)
    (*) Changed file requester behavior to search current file directory
    for previously unspecified files.
    (*) Added --enable-fatlines ./configure flag which enables gtkwave to
    render traces in "Fisher Price" (cf., Simvision) double-width style.

    [Bugs can be reported at
    Note that reporting bugs to a distro maintainer (Debian, etc) does not
    ensure they make it to the upstream gtkwave source in a timely

    bybell, Aug 5, 2009
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