has-many-with-set 1.0.0 released!

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Francisco Soto, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. has_many_with_set is a gem to add a new way to create many-to-many relationships in ActiveRecord, it is equivalent to has_and_belongs_to_many in functionality, that is, the interface is the same, but if your data meets certain criteria (explained in the readme) it will be saved more efficiently.

    Source code and installation/usage instructions can be found on https://github.com/ebobby/has-many-with-set

    Explanation on the technique used by the gem can be found here : http://ebobby.org/2012/11/11/Using-Sets-For-Many-To-Many-Relationships.html
    Francisco Soto, Nov 13, 2012
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