Hello from beginner with some questions!

Jul 30, 2021
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Hello guys!

i am 30 years old and the last time i was coding a bit was like... 10 years ago. I had done some small programs which are today not even necessary anymore. In that time we still call them programs and not app all the time.

also im not a native english so i am sorry if my english istn that well.

When i was 18-19 i had made some experience with python with gui programming in a small scale and with c# i had done 3-4 small games from tutorials.

But now i want to start again - when i was younger it was like: "Yea lets pick this language and i start" - now i am older and i am sitting on my desk and thinking: "which programming language would fit my purpose the most" - and because there are so many... i am a bit confused where to start.

Because i work in a law field i also see so many problems with IT in general that i really really want to get back again. Simply cause i know there would be many issues solved easier and better than i saw it in my actual workplace. (we have programs which are full packed with so many stuff in it that nobody needs which slows everything down, is overly complex how it works. I cant even open a regular folder with just like 8 pdfs in it (low size) in under 10 seconds cause the program is simply overloaded. And there are many programs with this problem. Especially for small groups of people working together.
I knew cloud is something really big atm and i think it will go on. But the only competitor which does it 'very well' atm is sadly google.

So lets get a bit more specific:

What i want to do:
My plan would be developing a small program which works much faster and better with file management combined with persons, adresses and so on.

My first step would be to develop it as 1 desktop thing and then maybe to into 'cloud' solution.

But i need to start small :D

Can you give me any advice for the programming language?


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