Hello from the U.K.

Jun 27, 2018
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Hey all,
I just discovered this site and signed up today.

My name's Jason. I'm currently a professional C++ analyst/programmer. I have a working knowledge of several other programming and scripting languages. I'm a regular contributor at linux.org and a long-time member of daniweb.com (jasonhippy). I've been helping people with code-related questions on various websites for over 15 years now.

I'm the drummer for a UK-based technical extreme-metal band called Kinasis. I'm also heavily into Linux and free/libre open source software.

I only have one request and that is:
Please do not PM me with programming related questions, because I will not answer them.
Keep all questions on one of the public boards/forums.

When you post a question on the public forums:
- Everybody in the community can benefit from the exchange of information
- Other people in the community can also participate and offer their answers. I am not perfect. I might not always come up with the best solution. Somebody else in the community may be able to come up with a better answer.

So if questions are posted on the boards - everybody wins!

Looking forward to helping out.



Nov 13, 2005
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Hey Jason, welcome to the forums :). Great to have you onboard!

I completely agree about the direct PM part of your post - I sometimes get PMs asking for help on various forums, but that way no-one else would benefit from being able to find that information, so I always direct them to the main forum.

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