How to prevent a TreeView to lose its expanded/collapsed state as




I have a question about the catalog of an E-commerce website I am doing.
A page Catalog.aspx uses a MasterPage (MasterPage.master).
Two UserControls (DepartmentsList.ascx and ProductsList.ascx) are in two
Content sections of Catalog.aspx.

DepartmentsList.ascx contains a TreeView that is populated on demand from a
The NavigateUrl property of each node of the TreeView is set on demand.
A click on a node redirects the user to a new page that contains the
appropriate data in the UserControl ProductsList.ascx. .
The problem is that the entire TreeView in DepartmentsList.ascx collapses.
What to do to avoid that? Should I use AJAX? Could you please show me an

Thanks in advance


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