How to put them together



Hi there,

I recently posted an architecural question that I got quite a bit of
help from and am now stuck again. I have two projects though I look
at them as one with two presentation layers...a website and a windows
app that will use the same DAL and BLL and I find I am unsure how to
put them together. I developed my first version of the DAL and I
developed an assembly Common for my constants and a basic BLL and part
of the website and would like to put them together to follow the code
in action. I may be thinking too much like a vb6er right now. I
think this is probably a very simple question but I am finding more
questions as I look for my answer. I've read many articles and looked
at many code samples...let me start with the first do I
put the project together? Do I compile each assembly into a .dll such
as my DAL and then add it to my website and windows app or do I add
them each as a project? What kind of solution structure is best? I
look at some samples and see the DAL, BLL, and any other assemblies
put into the App_Code folder of the website. Then I see others that
have a folder called DataLayer, a folder called BusinessLogic, and a
folder called Website. I think this may be a very simple issue like
when I first started vb6 and didn't know how to compile...but I would
rather ask and look foolish then keep batting this question around and
settle on something poor.



bruce barker

you should start out simple and refactor.

website / webapp project

winapp project

shared code project

and one or two solution files.

if you do unit tests (a good practice) then add a unit test project for
each other projects.

i'd do folder and namespace for each logical component. i'd keep a
project to less than 100-200 files. if it gets bigger, i'd look at
splitting it.

if you do a second web project, i'd start a shared web library project
and move common code there. then do the same with the other projects.

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