How to remote connect to the SQL server 2005 when th ere is a‘\’ in the SQL server name, such as


Wesley Chen

Hi, Guys,

How to remote connect to the SQL server 2005 when there is a =91\=92 in the=
server name, such as\active?

In fact, when I try to remote connect it by the SQL 2005 client, everything
goes well.

On local, there is a SQL 2005 server, it is:
*Server name:*
*User:* Wesley
*Password:* 111111
I can connect it successfully by:
*'', 'Wesley', '111111')*


But on another remote server, it is SQL 2005 with the value like:
*Server name:*\thesql
*User:* Wesley
*Password:* abc?de
I can't connect it successfully by:
*'**\thesql', 'Wesley', 'abc?de')*

*'**\\thesql', 'Wesley', 'abc?de')*


I get error message:

`method_missing': Open (WIN32OLERuntimeError)

OLE error code:80004005 in Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

* [dbmssocn] **General network error. Check your network
documentation. *

HRESULT error code:0x80020009

Exception occurred. from
E:/NetbeansProjects/ActiveTrainer/lib/sql-server.rb:26:in `open'

from E:/NetbeansProjects/ActiveTrainer/lib/sql-server.rb:76

The *26 *above points to the sentence below in Red color.

My connect string is:

*def initialize(host, username =3D 'sa', password=3D'')*

* @connection =3D nil*

* @data =3D nil*

* @host =3D host*

* @username =3D username*

* @password =3D password*


* *

*def open(database)*

* # Open ADO connection to the SQL Server database*

* connection_string =3D "Provider=3DSQLOLEDB.1;"*

* connection_string << "Persist Security Info=3DFalse;"*

* connection_string << "User ID=3D#{@username};"*

* connection_string << "password=3D#{@password};"*

* connection_string << "Initial Catalog=3D#{database};"*

* connection_string << "Data Source=3D#{@host};"*

* connection_string << "Network Library=3Ddbmssocn"*

* **@connection =3D'ADODB.Connection')*



I connect the remote SQL server by SQL 2005 client, using the username and
password above, I succeed.
Appreciated to any suggestions.

Wesley Chen.


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