Http error 413->request entity too large


Darie Florin

I have a webservice under IIS6/Win2003 Server. When I try to invoke a method
that have a strong type dataset as parameter for update in database I
receive on the client the follwing error: Http error 413 request entity is
too large.
I mention that this dataset is very large (about 1 Mb) and if the client
is on the same machine where the server is running the code is executed
succesfully. If I call the same method with a small dataset (about 256 Kb)
the method is excuted succesfully.
I checked the settings in machine.config file and the atributte for
httpRuntime->maxRequestLength is 4096 Kb.
Another intersted point is that if I have the exception on client and I
stop the IIS and I try to invoke the method i receive the same error code
insted of connection error or somnthing like this error.
Can anyone tell me how to correct this problem and what setting I need to
change to allow the clients app to inoke this web method with large dataset?


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