IIS 5.0 (Win 2000 Server) and Tomcat

May 9, 2006
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I am currently attempting to get Tomcat 5.5 working with Windows 2000 Server which has IIS 5.0. Most of the guides are for Windows 2003 Server... which is slightly different.

Now I have Tomcat working using port 8080, but I can't get the isapi_redirector2.dll working correctly.

I have the registry entry, precisely as is told in the guides, I have the Enviromental Variables done, I have the connector in ISAPI Filters tab under the IIS manager for the site. I have done everything that I possibly can according to the guides, but it's not working and is driving me around the bend. :(

Can anyone advise me at all? Is there any major difference to working with IIS 5 and IIS 6?




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