IIS 7 and IHttpHandlerFactory

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Steve B., May 25, 2007.

  1. Steve B.

    Steve B. Guest


    We have build a custom class that implement IHttpHandlerFactory in order to
    handle all request to a IIS web site.

    In IIS 6, we just added the aspnet_isapi.dll to the list of generic mapping
    (properties -> Wildcards application maps). We also added a line in the
    web.config in <handlers> section.
    This is working as expected, all incoming http request are handled by our
    factory (in which we choose between a custom handler and standard handlers).

    When we tried to install the application in IIS 7 (Vista, but I suppose this
    would be the same in windows server 2008), but the option we filled in iis 6
    does not exists anymore, problably because of the new model of IIS 7.

    So my question is : how can I redirected all incoming request to our custom
    factory ? Is this method the best way to reach my goal ?

    Thanks in advance,
    Steve B., May 25, 2007
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