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Discussion in 'HTML' started by blar, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. blar

    blar Guest

    Hi, my name's Lisa, and posting in the ng because I'm in a bit of a dilemma

    I'm new to making graphics and websites, and recently made my first site
    completely from scratch. I was delighted to find everything worked perfectly
    except one thing.

    On my homepage I have an image that has one iframe in the corner which has
    javascript pop up links to different sections which open in new windows.
    Anyway, I have three pages which I wanted to be able to open into that
    iframe by clicking on the background image. To do so, I opened up frontpage
    (because I didn't know that code, although I worked everything else out) and
    created three boxes from the drawing toolbar, over my three links. I made
    them transparent and hyperlinked them to the three pages. Saved, exited
    frontpage, tested it and it worked wonderfully.

    Happy with myself that I had got everything working perfectly and with no
    errors, I uploaded the whole lot to my server. When I opened up my website,
    everything worked perfectly, just like it had on my computer, except for
    those three links. When any of them is clicked, makes the iframe go a blank
    white page with nothing on it. I have double checked, triple checked that
    the code is correct and that all pages, files & .css are uploaded to the
    correct folders. Everything is correct, it works from my computer, but not
    from my server.

    If anybody could look at the code or check out the site and help me in
    anyway, I would appreciate it so much, I worked for a long time on this
    website and would love to see it fully functional. The link is in my

    blar, Dec 20, 2004
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  2. blar

    Spartanicus Guest

    I assume that you didn't create your site for you to look at, therefore
    whether or not "everything works perfectly" should be viewed from a
    client perspective. And from that perspective we can already establish
    that your site is broken. Some glaring errors:

    1) Iframes: don't use them, they cause serious problems
    2) Javascript links: js is optional, without it your site should still
    be 100% functional.
    3) Opening new windows: don't, leave that to users, opening new windows
    confuses users and breaks the back function.
    OMG, I feel physically sick after looking at the "code", horrible gunk
    produced by some MS program. Seriously: delete this junk, learn about
    web coding and start again.

    Excuse me while I go and clear out my browser's cache, I feel violated
    after looking at that gunk.

    Btw, you sig also needs fixing, one dash dash space ("-- ") sig
    delimiter please, and no more than 4 lines.
    Spartanicus, Dec 20, 2004
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  3. blar

    SpaceGirl Guest

    Not if handled withe care.
    I second that... brrr.
    Depends - if the window opening is driven from a script, then dont do
    it. If it's opened from a hyperlink, then it's quite reasonable. The
    user clicked the link so they DID open.


    x theSpaceGirl (miranda)

    # lead designer @ #
    # remove NO SPAM to email, or use form on website #
    SpaceGirl, Dec 20, 2004
  4. blar

    blar Guest

    Thanks for sharing your opinion with me (as everyone is entitled to one) in
    regards to my use of javascript, iframes and MSF, however I wasn't asking
    you to pick faults. As I clearly stated, this is my first attempt and I was
    asking for help in regards to why a link was not working, not about
    javascript or the way I have chosen to lay out my website.

    Thank you anyway, but do you actually have a suggestion about why the link
    does not work?

    «´¨`..¤* lisa *¤..´¨`»
    blar, Dec 20, 2004
  5. blar

    Per Jessen Guest

    Is this a standard? Obviously I'm using it, but I've tried finding the RFC or
    some other document describing this as a standard. Even if just a defacto

    Per Jessen, Dec 20, 2004
  6. blar

    steven Guest

    dash dash space is standard.
    no more than 4 lines is common sense.
    steven, Dec 20, 2004
  7. blar

    rf Guest

    Don't get all hissy ;-)
    What links? I see some text links that sort of work and I see, or rather I
    don't see something else that may be a link because it causes my status bar
    to change. I don't however see any links that exhibit the behaviour you

    Perhaps a screenshot of it not working?
    rf, Dec 20, 2004
  8. blar

    blar Guest

    The links I am having a problem with are the three pieces of text displayed
    vertically against the content box: currently, playlist and dailys.

    blar, Dec 20, 2004
  9. blar

    Steve Pugh Guest


    Sorry to break it to you but very little on your site works at all.
    You need to test your site in a wide range of browsers and at a wide
    range of window sizes. You also need to test with images on/off; with
    JavaScript on/off; with different default font sizes; etc., etc.

    Your site crashed IE6. Twice.

    In Opera 7.54 and Firefox 1.0 the iframe doesn't line up over the part
    of the background image where I guess it's meant to line up.
    What happens if your visitors don't have JavaScript? Or have popup
    windows blocked?
    Oh dear. All that rather than solving the real problem. Backgrounds
    are purely decorative. You have to assume that anything in the
    background will not be seen by some users. So any links must be part
    of the page content. At the moment you have a bunch of links that have
    no content other transparent gifs with no alt texts. These links may
    or may not line up with part of your background image.
    Obviously not tested well enough.

    Delete what you've done. Start again. Really.

    Your HTML and CSS is a mess. (Why do you have a bunch of HTML in your
    CSS file?)

    Your links work fine in Opera and Firefox (they're in the wrong place
    as described above but they work fine). In IE they produce the white
    box and then a crash. So that part of the problem is probably due to
    some of the IE specific code your code is littered with. Forget all
    that code. Learn HTML and CSS from scratch and use them properly.

    Steve Pugh, Dec 20, 2004
  10. blar

    rf Guest

    They are the ones I am talking about. They are *not* links. The cursor does
    not change to a hand. There is no activity in the status bar. However, I see
    that to the right of those "links" there is an area where the cursor does
    change, to a +, not a hand (this is hardly indicative of a link).

    I assume you have a textarea in there or something. Well, you have got it
    wrong. The "links" do not line up with the image.

    In any case, clicking on where the links actually are (by the status bar)
    they do work for me (firefox). What browser are you using? Guesses IE6...

    Ah Ha! Sprung :)

    Yes, I see a white box when I click on those links, which still aren't links
    because you have hijackted my status bar for your own purposes, and the now
    hand cursor still does not line up with the image.

    <checks code/>

    Oh my. Hmmm. I agree with Spartanicus. As a learning exercise you have now
    learned several mistakes, ones you will not make again.

    Now, throw it all away and start again, by hand, using a standard text
    editor and not one of those dreadfull HTML generators, I surmize one of the
    Microsoft Office family of products, since I see an <!--[if !mso]> in there.
    These things are not, repeat not, web friendly objects, they produce crap
    code which none of us will even look at, let alone help you to correct.
    Sorry about being harsh but that is just the way it is:)

    This time keep the KISS principle firmly in mind. Do not use gratuitous
    javascript, use standard links. Do not hijack my status bar. Do not hijack
    my scroll bars (I HATE lime green scroll bars). Put on the page only what
    you think your viewer will benefit from. Report back as you go and we will
    give you assistance. Not code, assistance and direction.

    This exercise will also allow you to produce something that will work more
    or less the same across different browsers (it didn't work at all the way
    you wanted it to in firefox).

    See you soon :)
    rf, Dec 20, 2004
  11. blar

    Neal Guest

    No no no.

    This is NOT a critique of YOU. It is a critique of your code.

    You, lacking any evidence to the contrary, are a wonderful person, a
    loving daughter, a hard worker and an inquisitive learner.

    Your code, on the other hand, is atrocious.

    Biggest mistake people make - even bigger than the most common code errors
    - is to misinterpret the comments on their code to be comments on
    themselves. Try to distance yourself from the product.
    Neal, Dec 20, 2004
  12. blar

    Karl Core Guest

    Stop right there and start over. It doesn't matter what you think the
    problem is, the real problem is that you're using i-frames and popup
    Karl Core, Dec 20, 2004
  13. blar

    jake Guest

    Please Support "Project Boneyard":

    Hmmm ......... isn't that site's homepage based round an Iframe?

    jake, Dec 20, 2004
  14. blar

    Karl Core Guest

    Karl Core, Dec 20, 2004
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