is it bug or feature in xml.dom.minidom?

Discussion in 'Python' started by Maksim Kasimov, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Hi, i'm faced with such a problem when i use xml.dom.minidom:

    to append all child nodes from "doc" in "_requ" to "doc" in "_resp", i do the following:

    _requ = minidom.parseString("<resp><doc><one>One</one><two>Two</two></doc></resp>")
    _resp = minidom.parseString("<resp><doc/></resp>")

    iSourseTag = _requ.getElementsByTagName('doc')[0]
    iTargetTag = _resp.getElementsByTagName('doc')[0]

    # it prints me that there are two child nodes
    for iChild in iSourseTag.childNodes:
    print iChild.toxml()

    # when i walk elements, only first iteration was made
    # and iSourseTag.childNodes now have only one element instead of two
    for iChild in iSourseTag.childNodes:

    # it prints me that there is only one child node
    for iChild in iSourseTag.childNodes:
    print iChild.toxml()

    i'm not sure, whether i append child nodes in properly way, but IMHO it looks like a bug.

    My question is how to avoid the "iSourseTag" changes while iterate its nodes?

    And, of course, how to append all child nodes to "iTargetTag"?

    Thank for any help.
    Maksim Kasimov, Mar 2, 2007
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  2. Maksim Kasimov

    Paul Boddie Guest

    Note that these are different documents - this is important later on.
    Seems alright.
    But since you're taking a node from one document to add it to another,
    you should instead use importNode to make that node importable into
    the target document:

    for iChild in iSourseTag.childNodes:
    # 1 or True should cause a deep copy
    iNewChild = _resp.importNode(iChild, 1)
    That's probably because you've "stolen" the node from its document in
    order to add it to the target document - something which is possibly
    an artifact of the minidom implementation.
    That minidom does not refuse to let you "move" nodes in this way could
    be debated as being a bug or not, but the correct way of copying nodes
    is to use importNode.
    These questions are hopefully answered above.

    Paul Boddie, Mar 2, 2007
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