Is it possible to call to a webservice behind a closed firewall?




After 20 odd years of programming "regular" applications, I finally get
around to working on my first web app.

This application consists of an ASP.Net website running on a web server that
needs to initiate a request to a webservice application that is in a
different location and likely behind a firewall.

To cut down on support load for this webservice application, one of the
goals of this project is that the application ideally should not require
configuration of the firewall.

Unless I'm mistaken, most firewalls will allow replies to requests sent from
behind the firewall through.
Given that, I am thinking about initiating a connection from the webservice
to the web server, and then using that same connection to let the web server
initiate requests to the webservice.

Is this possible to do with web services (or .Net Remoting for that matter)?



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