ItemCommand handler and DataBind on Postback

Discussion in 'ASP .Net Datagrid Control' started by Joel Finkel, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. Joel Finkel

    Joel Finkel Guest


    I have a web application that displays rows from a database and, on each row, displays three ImageButtons, each of which needs to execute a different function. In order to improve performance, I have a Panel with a 26 buttons (labeled 'A' thru 'Z'), which is used to limit the rows to only those where the Name field begins with a specific letter (rather than returning the entire database each time).

    The first time through, all those with the Name field beginning with 'A' are returned. When the user presses a different button, let's say 'F,' the application adjusts a parameter to the Stored Procedure, the sqlDataAdapter is filled, and, in order to display the data, the DataGrid does a DataBind.

    So far so good. I can display only the subset of rows that I want. Neat. By the way, each of these 26 buttons runs client-side code that places the correct letter into an invisible text field and then submits the form, resulting in a postback.

    Now for the problem with the ImageButtons: I placed these in a TemplateColumn and gave each of them a specific CommandName so that the event handler can figure out which function to call.

    I created the function (ItemsGrid_Command), which swithes on CommandName to call the proper function. In the Page_Load function, I bind this handler to the DataGrid's ItemCommand delegate like this:

    DataGrid1.ItemCommand += new DataGridCommandEventHandler(this.ItemsGrid_Command);

    The problem is that this function never gets called; the page simply redisplays with the same data when I click on any of the three ImageButtons.

    Having read that calling DataBind blows away the ItemCommand event handler, I confirmed that the event handler is called correctly if I do not do a DataBind (that is, if I test for IsPostBack). But I MUST perform the DataBind even if IsPostBack in order to display the new data subset. But then the ImageButtons do not function.

    Interestingly, doing a DataBind does not destroy the ItemBound event handler. I attached code to this event to set the color of the rows depending on values in the row. So I know that it works. But it seems that the ItemCommand event is not re-created even though I always set it (see code, above).

    I wonder if anyone has some suggestions for me as to how to achieve both of the required features: 1) limit the rows by first letter and 2) have three ImageButtons on each row that respond to user clicks.

    Joel Finkel
    Joel Finkel, Aug 16, 2004
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  2. Joel Finkel

    anon Guest

    Hi Joel,
    I hope I understood you problem correctly, but since u have not got any
    replies yet, I am going to attempt to provide a useful solution..

    Now, the initial Bind shud only be done if it is not a
    bind again after the itemcommand has performed some operations on the
    page, u shud call bind again in the end of might help
    to have a Bind() method, so that you can call it from !PostBack and also
    at the end of ur page wud have a skeleton like this...



    SWITCH(for the 3 imagebuttons)

    Hope that helps,
    anon, Aug 18, 2004
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