Java Client midlet j2me connect to .NET Webservice


F Stifter

Hello group,
I am new to java and try to develope a mobile device application to
upload images via a .net webservice into DB. My main problem is the
communication between midlet and webservice.
I tried with stub generator of WTK 2.1 but failed because one parameter
of the webservice including the binarydata of the image. Then I tried
using ksoap but the parameters would not be transmitted by my midlet,
this means I could access the webservice but all parameters have the
value null.
Does anybody else tried something similar or are there any samples?
What is the best way to transmit an image and text from a midlet to a
Is it possible to encode the bytearray of the image into base64string
transmit it as string to webservice and decode it into bytearray? I
tried this solution without success!
On server side I use microsoft .net framework.
IDE is NetBeans with mobile toolkit.

Thanks for any reply