Java Web Start Cache Viewer Windows 64-bit



Using Java 6, EITHER Updates 17 or 19 (skipped over 18) I do not see
my cached Java Apps in the Cache Viewer.

I have done this for years, and expect to see the apps so I can create
their desktop shortcuts. I understand how 64-bit windows works, and
how 32-bit compability works as well.

There is no 64-bit Java on this system. 32-bit Java only, installed
in the c:\Program Files (x86) directories, and the \windows\syswow64

64-bit Command Prompt correctly fails on the Java command -- there is
no 64-bit Java installed, as expected.

Explicitly using the 32-bit Command Prompt at c:\windows
\syswow64\cmd.exe for all commands, Java is correctly installed.

javaws -viewer calls up the Cache Viewer, but it is empty and should
show a couple of Apps which I just downloaded.

These apps have just been run and initially cached via a .jnlp link
through Internet Explorer (64-bit IE, I presume).

Their .jnlp source files have not changed.


Is Java Web Start getting confused as to where it places the cache,
versus javaws -viewer cache area?

Internet Explorer is a 64-bit application, and the caching is
initially done via IE. But there's no 64-bit Java installed, so I'm
even beginning to wonder, how did Internet Explorer execute the
caching, since it is presumably a 64-bit application, while all the
Java on this system is 32-bit?




OK, I guess I have the answer.

Using the 32-bit Command prompt ( \windows\syswow64\cmd.exe )

I executed the command javaws <...the http:// .... url to my jnlp file
Both of my apps downloaded all jars again, and started.

Then, using javaws -version again from the 32-bit command prompt

BOTH of my Apps each showed up as 2 entries.

So, clearly one of the two can be used for my Desktop shortcut

Obviously, Java Web Start's behavior on Windows 64 has some "gotchas"
associated with it.

I guess I can't tell my users to use Internet Explorer for the initial
download, since it won't work.

I'll have to tell them to use the 32-bit command prompt and use javaws
to download the Apps.

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