Kamaelia & Google's Summer of Code 2007




We're (BBC Research) participating in Google's Summer of Code as a mentor
organisation again, and I thought it worth spreading some extra publicity
where I think there might be some interested people. (I perhaps should've
sent this sooner!)

* What's Google Summer of Code? (I suspect most people here know :)

Essentially Google are paying students to work on open source projects and
being mentored in those projects, producing useful code and learning useful
skills. Google's aim is to increase the number of people bitten by the
open source bug :)

* How is BBC Research/ Kamaelia involved?

Like last year we're a mentor organisation, Kamaelia is the open source
project that project applications are invited for. It's aim is to make
highly concurrent systems natural to create and simple to maintain. (given
a choice of forces the we choose the latter) We seem to be having some
success in this and have a number of systems we've built using Kamaelia.

Kamaelia is primarily focussed around building networked, multimedia
systems, tools and applications, since that's generally our problem domain,
however Kamaelia is a generic component framework & toolset.

Our project ideas and guidance page is here:
* http://kamaelia.sourceforge.net/SummerOfCode2007

However, we're also interested other ideas beyond that, especially systems
that use Kamaelia that can act as exemplars. To give an idea of potential
scope, a list of components can be found here:
* http://kamaelia.sourceforge.net/Components

* Who can Apply ?

You need to be a student now, or in september enrolled at a university
degree course or similar level of institution/degree.

* When is the deadline ?

Monday midnight.

* Url?


Please feel free to forward this to any students or student groups you would
find this interesting ! :)




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