Liquid Technologies Unvei Liquid XML Studio 2013


jenny wilkinson

Liquid Technologies Ltd, a privately owned software business located in theUK, have formally launched the latest release of their well-known and bestselling Liquid XML Studio software, Liquid XML Studio 2013.

Liquid XML Studio has been known as an XML toolkit and IDE, that contains all of the tools required for designing and developing XML applications, like an XML Editor, XML Schema Editor, WSDL Editor, Web Service Tools etc.

The new 2013 model is made up of many new features and enhancements as wellas general performance and stability improvements. Liquid XML Studio 2013 expands and improves on the pre-existing functionality by adding other new tools and technologies that end users have requested in order to continue to make Liquid XML Studio the best value XML development environment on the market, which makes it a truly all in one xml toolkit.

New for 2013 is code generation as well as runtime support for mono touch android and mono touch iOS, which can be major milestone in the companies history and enables Smartphone app developers to utilise Liquid XML Studio for producing Smartphone apps for both the android and apple operating systems.

The component is provided through Liquid Studio’s Data binding wizard which gives code generation and also Liquid Runtime support for MonoTouch™ for iOS and Mono for Android™ with .Net Framework 4.0, such as project files, source C# and VB .Net files.

At this time the function will only be offered in the developer edition of the software.

Some other innovative improvements include;

Real time background validation - xml documents and xml schemas are now automatically validated whilst you develop your document or schema with errorsexhibited in a separate pane.

Real time spell checker - xml documents can be spell checked in real time as you make your document. The checker makes use of “camel-case” checking and is totally xml aware meaning it is able to identify between coding tags and content.

In addition to a host of other developments and additional features like breadcrumb navigation of elements, WSDL 2.0 Visual studio plugin, Code generation and Liquid runtimes for Visual Studio 2012 and even more.

Liquid XML Studio is being used by many of the biggest corporations on the globe over a number of market sectors. In the past, glowing recognition have come from global corporations such as HSBC, Microsoft, Nokia, HP, Cisco and Walmart.

XML Studio 2013 was officially presented on 1st February 2013. For more information about Liquid XML Studio pay a visit to or for details about the new 2013 features, go to

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