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Discussion in 'XML' started by karthikbalaguru, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    I was just analyzing tools that generate XSD file
    from XML files. I find lot of tools in internet.

    1. XSD.exe that comes with Visual Studio
    2. Stylus Studio's XSD file generator
    3. XSD Interference tool from Microsoft
    4. XMLFox Professional
    5. Liquid XML Studio (XML Editor reverse

    Which of the above is best if cost-price is not a
    criteria ? If any other tool is better than the tools
    listed above, do lemme know.

    Are there any free tool for XSD file generation
    from XML file ? I searched and got this link , But this
    supports only DTD and not XML Schema. Which
    could be best freeware for XSD file generation from
    XML file ? Any ideas ?

    Thx in advans,
    Karthik Balaguru
    karthikbalaguru, Jan 4, 2010
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  2. The problem is, there are a LOT of possible schemas that can be
    generated from any given sample document or set thereof. How precise do
    you want the value types/constraints to be? Do you want something to be
    able to occur an infinite number of times, or a limited number? Is this
    the only sequence in which they may occur?

    Tools that will use documents to "validate your schema" -- to help you
    check that the schema is OK as you go -- may be useful. Ditto tools to
    help generate schema syntax. But I remain convinced that the
    schema-from-document generators are strictly a party trick, and not
    useful for real-world applications. The goal of a schema is to capture
    what *you* know about expected documents, not the limited amount the
    machine knows.

    Joe Kesselman,

    {} ASCII Ribbon Campaign | "may'ron DaroQbe'chugh vaj bIrIQbej" --
    /\ Stamp out HTML mail! | "Put down the squeezebox & nobody gets hurt."
    Joe Kesselman, Jan 5, 2010
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