Major problem:How do I insert Nulls into a FoxPro 6 table via ADO.


B. Chernick

I have a VB/ASP.Net 2.0 app that uses some FoxPro 6 dbf tables. My basic
design has been to create an Ole DB connection and drag the tables onto an
XSD. I then use Object Data sources for the insert/updates. So far this has
worked, with one exception

Even though the FoxPro tables themselves are set to accept nulls (And can
through the FoxPro6 editor) I cannot find a way to do it through VB (and I've
just been told I have to). The other programs using these tables requires
true nulls, not spaces and dummy (1899) dates.

When I drag a table onto the xsd the columns AllowDBNull field defaults to
true and the NullValue property defaults to (Throw Exception). I've tried
changing it to Empty and Nothing but I still get the same error on that
field: Field <field name> does not accept null values. I've also tried
putting Nulls in the SQL itself. So far no good.

Any suggestions?


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