Method Not Allowed



I am using a webservice for quering database and returning the values using
a dataset.
Webservice has been invokded by a C# windows client.

When i call the query method from the client application it returns an
ReadResponse Error
The request failed with HTTP status 405: Method Not Allowed.

Have tried POST/GET thing in Web.config.
Did check the server extensions for frontpage.
Made temporary dataset before invoking the webservice and accepted changes
to the current dataset.
Reinstalled .net framework and restarted IIS on Webservice
using .net v 2.0.
Webservice is https (secured).
I am using the same webservice in my local intranet and it is working
without any problems even after making it "https". Have been sitting on
this issue for 2 days. Can't able to figure out??? Please can anyone help


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