Mobile Applications Conference Bangalore on 15-October

Discussion in 'Java' started by cloud summit, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. cloud summit

    cloud summit Guest


    I got to know of an exciting event happening in Bangalore on October

    I guess it will add a great value to all the professionals in
    the respective domain.

    I believe it is worth attending as there are interesting topics. (See
    the Sessions below).

    The Conference starts at 8.30 AM.
    The Venue:Nimhans Convention Centre,Near Diary Circle,Bangalore-560029
    The Conference organizers will call you back to confirm. When I
    called, they had 200 more seats left.

    Please find below is the url to go through the website:


    Exciting Panel discussions on:

    * Mobile Applications Explode. Who wins and who loses?
    * The Opportunity: It used to be ringtones — now what?
    * Opportunities for entrepreneurs in the Mobile space
    * Top Mobile Apps Competition
    * Careers and Handset makers want a piece, too: Where will they
    * Mobile Marketing
    cloud summit, Sep 27, 2011
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  2. cloud summit

    Lew Guest

    Oh, what a lucky chance that you got to know of that!

    How did you come to find out about it?

    Isn't this a different alias than the one under which you posted the last time you "got to know of an exciting event", or am I mistaken?
    Lew, Sep 27, 2011
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