My TSP idea, google code and google group, thanks!



I first came to this group with a vague idea about finding out what I
could about users (what users there may be) of my Class Viewer project
hosted on SourceForge but then I had this idea about TSP, so mostly
ended up talking about this idea I had for tackling that problem, and
then things got a little ugly and I've decided to curtail posting

So kind of in and out, but I thought I'd do one more post to sort of
tie up loose ends and give where things will leave off:

1. I like the algorithm for TSP that I have and am proceeding with
setting up infrastructure for exploring it, so I have a Google Code
project called optimalpathengine and today I added a Google newsgroup
of the same name.

2. I am NOT saying here that I disagree with the criticisms leveled
against my algorithm by various members of this group who were mostly
extremely helpful in considering it and responding to me on that
subject and in fact I am very thankful for that input and sorry that
for various reasons (not all my fault) things got a little nasty.

3. Still hopeful that I might recruit some VERY independent coders
who can help me run with this idea without me needing to do a lot (or
much of any) project management, but I see that as a long-shot and
fully expect to completely code the project (and be absolute master of
everything associated with it) like I did with Class Viewer.

Maybe one of my big problems is a very real sense of my ability to
pick something up and carry it all the way to the finish line, and a
lot of hesitancy in trusting other people as I think they usually just
get in my way, and annoy me for reasons that tend to be about some
weird stuff that I don't understand as why bother? But I digress...

In any event, babbling done, I just wanted to say that I'm out of
here! Thank you, thank you, thank you for those who helped as you
really helped me quickly go from a basic algorithm to a complete one
in an amazingly quick amount of time and gave a lot of very on point
and cogent criticisms, which validated the group process.

That's how I think it works best on newsgroups.

James Harris

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