**NEED HELP** How to refresh animation so the rest of page can load

Oct 4, 2021
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Hey, hope you are well :)

I have this issue with my website...

This will probably be best represented by images.


Here you can see that the code is loaded, I have code which allows the element to just fade in on scroll. However, when I am to click on submissions tab, it does not load the code until one is to scroll up and down. Take note I do want to keep submissions on the same page (account) but at the same time I do want to make it more user-friendly for people so if this issue cannot be fixed then I will have to put the code on a different page (frustratingly).
So is there anyways I can somehow make submissions load on the same page, without having to scroll up and down? If you need an insight into the javascript lmk I'll post some screenshots.


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