Need help troubleshooting - ASP form handler dropping request.

Discussion in 'ASP General' started by bhushan.kharabe, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I am web development novice. I want to upload some files to web server frommy windows application. I have written a classic asp form handler and deployed it on IIS 7(Windows 2008 Server R2). The windows application posts form to this handler and the handler saves file on the web server file system.

    All is fine till the traffic is low. My files are getting saved on the server fine. But as soon as the traffic increases, some of my requests are getting dropped, that is my files are not getting saved. I have logging in my handler and that is not getting invoked. Also I do not see any log for theserequests in the W3SVC logs.

    I put wireshark on the web server and monitored the network traffic. I do see that even for the requests that are being dropped, the request is reaching the web server machine. Some how it is getting dropped by IIS.

    I played around with the ASP limits on IIS. Increased the timeouts, maximumrequest body limit, buffering limit etc., but to no avail. Right now it seems i have hit a wall.

    As the requests are reaching the web server, I am suspecting my IIS is not properly set and is dropping some requests. Can someone please suggest me how I can proceed with the troubleshooting the issue?

    Thanks in advance.

    bhushan.kharabe, Apr 2, 2013
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  2. bhushan.kharabe

    Evertjan. Guest

    Bhushan wrote on 03 apr 2013 in microsoft.public.inetserver.asp.general:
    This is not an ASP but a platform [iis] issue, different NG, meseems.
    Evertjan., Apr 2, 2013
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