New Member: Simple 'where to start' question.

Nov 1, 2021
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I know a bit about programming from years ago. C. Cobol. Basic. Clipper.

Now I want to talk to my child about programming. Little, small things. Like this morning I wanted to show him how Random works to enable a programmer to build a prog that does things even he can't predict. How to create the unpredictable.

So: What's the quickest, easiest, best way to me to walk to one of our (win10) computers and knock up a bit of code and show him?

I'm obliquely referring to the modern complications and difficulties of installing a programming language of course, at least as I've experienced it.

I just did a bit of googling and it seems a scripting language might be the best bet. Right there in powershell maybe.

Still I think it's well worth my asking here in this forum. Good chance of getting good advice here I think.



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