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My Problem is also that i made the mistake of payimg my current provider
up until 5/5/2014

I had nothing but trouble with them and they wont refund back.
I lost 4 customers, good webistes due to their inablity.

I can even prvide proof for what i paid and for the perioed iam writing

So, no refuns back and 4 customers left me these days becaus eof
constant issues with them.

So, if someone want to help me out it would be nice if he could provide
me with services free of charge for that time period, or at least at the
end of they year.

Please someone help me out to this and then i will be his devoted customer.

What i need is the follwing:

1. I will pay for a full year upfront but it must be a low price for the
1st year, because i have already paid them and cant get my money back to
use it to the new com opany.
2. cPanel/WHM && Softaculous Licenses must be moved from them to the new
VPS provider
3. Tranfer of the current 6 websites free of charge and assure that they
work properly after transfers(they are joomlas)
4. Some help over the road when i need somthign to be installed like a
new python version and a couple of modules.

Pleas help me out here and if you do i will be your devoted customer.


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