NT Authentication for Selected Pages in ASP



Hi ASP'ians
I have a requirement where I need to have windows authentication
enabled for only few ASP pages of my Site (Virtual Directory), rest of the
pages should be enabled for anonymous access (No Authentication Dialog).
Could some body guide in achieving solution for this.

Flow Steps

1. User visits the home page (One.asp page) No NT authentication dialog
should appear.
2. The home page will have some Hyper links to other pages, on clicking on
the Hyperlink it should prompt for NT Authentication Dialog (asking windows
UserID and Password)
3. Once the UserID is validated by authentication process it should show the
Target ASP (Two.asp) Page. The Target Page will have a link Named 'Back'
which will redirect the User to 'One.asp'
4.Once user is redirected from Two.asp, if user clicks the Hyper Link it
should prompt again for the authentication (Previous login information should
be discarded, it should prompt again)

It wud be great help if you suggest the Solution or direction.

The Challenge i face is
1. Finding a solution to implement authentication for selected pages.
2. Logging off the User so that to Prompt the NT authentication dialog again.

Thanks in Advance



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