Office COM interops with ASP.NET



We are using MS office COM interops in our ASP.NET web application to
generate reports in excel/word/pdf format on the web server. After the
report document is generated We are reading the report document
(excel/word/pdf) in a bite array and we are throwing that byte array to
client's browser. Client is able to view the report properly since we are
setting the content type prior to throwing the byte array.
After that we try to delete the generated report doc from the web server.
The code for deletion of report doc works fine as long as single user or not
too many users are hitting the reports page but if multiple users hit the
same page then some of the reports are not getting deleted from web server.
This is a potential threat to the client as he do not want the reports to be
kept on server since it contains confidential data. If it is a well known
issue with office interops and ASP.NET then please give us the reference url
for same.


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