Open a page from the expand/collapse button on treeview?



I'm using a .NET 2.0 Treeview control for my menu. For parent nodes,
I'd like to navigate to the corresponding page as well as expand the
node displaying the childnodes. Here's an example:

- Book1
- Chap 1
- Chap 2
+ Book 2

Book1 & Book2 are parent nodes. Each contains multiple chapters under
When I click on the +/- button on the treeview, along with
expanding/collapsing the node, I'd like to navigate to an overview page
of the book as well (the link could be on the Book node or as the first
Can this be done? If so, I'd be grateful for any pointers..
I have a client who's insisting this is how they want it and I'm
totally lost here. Please help...

Thanks in advance..


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