Treeview - single click expand/collapse with XMLDatasource




I have a TreeView control that sits on the MasterPage. All of my other
webpages inherit from that Master Page. The Treeview receives it's data
using an XMLDataSource that has it's DataFile property set to the
Web.sitemap file.

I have turned off the Expand/Collapse icons on the Treeview.

I want to be able to single click a node in the tree view to
expand/collapse that node if it has children, as well as take me to the
hyperlinked page (which is retrieved from the XMLDatasource mapped to
the Web.sitemap file).

So a single click with expand it, and go to the page, another single
click will collapse it, and also hyperlink to the page.

Can someone please help me with this? Any suggestions? From what I
understand the Treeview can only be in either selection mode, or
navigation mode, not both.

Is this possible if my TreeView is mapped to my sitemap?


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