opening another window



I have a masterpage with nested masterpage as my opening page. In the
masterpage there is a row of linkbuttons to open webapps that have, are, and
will be soon available following development. The linkbuttons open another
browser window, just as needed. Below is one of the linkbuttons from the

<asp:LinkButton ID="lbtnProteus" runat="server" CommandName="Proteus"

OnClientClick="'../Proteus/ProteusStartPage.aspx','_blank');return false;">Proteus</asp:LinkButton>

What I am looking at is if following '_blank' I add 'menu=no' or
'toolbars=no' the window opens (smaller in width) with just the application
in it, which is what is needed. But it is fixed at the top and bottom of the
screen with sizing not available. If I add in the height and width, it seems
to have no affect, same size window opens.

Can someone take a look at the linkbutton line above and see if I am missing
something that is not allowing any further designing of the open window?




Asif Iqbal

Why don't you try to make a function for new window and call that in OnClientClick?

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