Parsing jspf files like jspx

Discussion in 'Java' started by yzzzzz, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. yzzzzz

    yzzzzz Guest


    Currently in my webapp web.xml, the only servlet mapping if for *.do
    (mapped to ActionServlet, for use with Struts).
    In my tomcat web.xml, there is a mapping for *.jsp and *.jspx to the
    'jsp' servlet. So I added


    but my jspf files are still parsed as text (when included or when served
    directly). (I even added these same lines to my webapp web.xml, but no

    What I am doing wrong? (And do you think it is a bad idea to parse jspf
    files (fragment)? I need this for my app but could the same be achieved
    through other means?)

    yzzzzz, Jan 12, 2005
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