Passing arguments to XSLT

Discussion in 'Java' started by ashuvashi, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. ashuvashi

    ashuvashi Guest

    Hi Friends,

    I m using XSLT. I would like to pass some value as arguments to that and
    that should be used in future usage.

    Please help me.

    Thanks in Advandce.
    Ashesh Vashi
    ashuvashi, Nov 16, 2005
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  2. ashuvashi wrote:

    Within the XSLT stylesheet declare global parameters e.g.
    <xsl:param name="arg1" />
    or if you want a defaut value e.g.
    <xsl:param name="arg1" select="'value 1'" />
    Then in your Java code you can use the setParameter method e.g.
    "value 2"
    to set the parameter before you do the transformation.

    Within the stylesheet code you can then use $arg1 to access the
    parameter value.
    Martin Honnen, Nov 16, 2005
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