Pre-university student looking to contribute to OS project

Discussion in 'Python' started by Jason Walsh, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Jason Walsh

    Jason Walsh Guest

    I'm a pre-university student with about 7 months Python experience
    looking for an open source project to get involved in (learn the code,
    do bug fixes, etc). I've searched, SourceForge, and
    Google Code, and found a few possibilities, but I thought I'd ask the
    list and see if there are any projects in particular that would be
    good for a younger programmer like me. I've taken a look at this
    ( and there's good
    things there, but I'd really like to get involved in a pre-existing

    Thanks for the help,

    Jason Walsh, Aug 15, 2008
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  2. Jason Walsh

    Stef Mientki Guest

    You might take a look at PyLab_Works,
    although I use parts of it as a regular tool,
    it's in pre-alfa stage and not yet released.
    Stef Mientki, Aug 15, 2008
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