Problem deploying web-application and web-service on same IIS server.


Jan Obrestad

I'm developing a system where an web-application is using a
web-service using VS 2005.
On my development machine everything works fine, but when I try to
deploy it the trouble starts.

I get a time-out when the web-app tries to contact the web-service.

The strange thing is that if I deploy the system to two servers, A and
B, I can run the web-app on A and web-service on B without problems, and
vice versa. But running both programs on the same server results in a

Does anyone have any idea what is wrong here? My first thought was that
the user IIS is running as, did not have permission to access the
network, but as it can successfully connect to another server, that
can't be right.

Jan Obrestad


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