ASP.NET 2.0 Web Application Cannot Call a Web Service on Same Mach



I have an ASP.NET 2.0 application developed in VS2008 that calls an ASP.NET
2.0 Web Service, say MyService, also developed in VS2008. During development
both are in the same solution and I set a Web reference in the application to
the service and things work.

I deploy both to the same Web server and set the Web reference to something
similar to:


This has worked in the past, but now suddenly I am getting an "Unable to
connect to the remote server." error when calling the service from the
deployed application.

I can set the Web reference on my development machine to the deployed
service and it works, so the service is there and running.

What could the problem be? How do I fix it?

As always any help would be greatly appreciated.







If the service and website are separate websites, you need to ensure that the
credentials that are passed are correct and that permissions are set up
correctly on the service. Also verify that your web config is pointing to the
proper address (service reference)

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