Problems debuggin .NET 2003 dll




I have a classic ASP application that calls a VB.NET 2003 dll through
COM+. This dll then calls a web service. This application can be
configured to call an external web service or a local C# web service
that is also located on the same box as the VB.NET dll. All of this
stuff is on my local development machine. The .NET solution contains
both the VB.NET dll and the C# web service projects.

If I configure my VB.NET dll to call the external web service it
appears to work okay. If I configure it to call the local web service,
it doesn't work. I've tried attaching to the running VB.NET dll with
no luck. I was able to do this in the past. I try to go to Tools >
Debug Process . I then pick c:\windows\dllhost.exe and choose Common
Language Runtime. I get the message:

Unable to attach to the process.

However, if I then go through the flow in my classic ASP app that calls
the .NET dll via COM+ I can tell that it's running.

Any ideas for how to debug this?



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