Proxy connection with Python


bevan jenkins


I have an issue that has been frustrating me for a while now.

This is an update of a crosspost
which I made over a month ago.

I have been attempting to connect to URLs from python. I have tried:
urllib2, urlib3, and requests. It is the same issue that i run up
against in all cases. Once I get the answer I imagine all three of
them would work fine.

The issue is connecting via proxy. I have entered our proxy
information but am not getting any joy. I am getting 407 codes and
error messages like: HTTP Error 407: Proxy Authentication Required (
Forefront TMG requires authorization to fulfill the request. Access to
the Web Proxy filter is denied. )

I think that this also stops me using pip to install (at least from
remotes ). I get 'Cannot fetch index base URL". I end up using git to clone a local
copy of the repo and install from that.

However, I can connect using a number of other applications that go
through the proxy, git and pycharm for example. When I run git config
--get htpp.proxy it returns the same values and format that I am
entering in Python namely:


An example of code in requests is

import requests
proxy = {"http": "http://username:password@proxy:8080"}
url = ''
r = requests.get(url, proxies=proxy)
print r.status_code

Thanks for your time and any suggestions gratefully received.

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