Qt, Ruby, and Windows

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by gregarican, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. gregarican

    gregarican Guest

    Just checking to see if anyone knows the progress of Ruby's Qt bindings
    for Windows platforms. I have a project I've almost completed running
    on a Linux-based PDA based on Qt 2.x and was trying to get it ported
    over to my Windows clients as well. I posted back in April regarding
    problems I had trying to run the extconf.rb in order to install Ruby's
    Qt bindings on my Windows clients. Late last week I ran across Windows
    binaries for Ruby's Qt bindings, but they were based on a binary
    install of Ruby 1.6. I am trying to standarize my clients on Ruby 1.8.

    Does anyone know if a Windows binary package exists for Qt 2.x bindings
    written for Ruby 1.8? I read that work was being done on Windows
    support for Ruby's Qt 4.x bindings so even then I could try bringing in
    my Qt 2.x code if it was available...
    gregarican, Sep 6, 2005
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  2. gregarican

    Richard Dale Guest

    Caleb Tennis and myself have been working on the QtRuby Qt4 port; it is
    going well. The code is in the KDE svn under trunk/KDE/kdebindings in the
    directories qtruby, kalyptus and smoke/qt.

    It is already working well enough to port to Windows. I have the tutorial
    examples t1 to t14 for the cannon game working, and quite a few of the
    example programs too. But I don't have a Windows development environment,
    so we just need someone familiar with qmake, mingw, and the GPL'd Qt4 for
    Windows and so on, to do the port.

    The main thing that is missing at the moment is a Qt4 equivalent of the Qt3
    rbuic tool for compiling Qt Designer .ui files to ruby code.

    -- Richard
    Richard Dale, Sep 8, 2005
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  3. gregarican

    gregarican Guest

    Sounds great. I am looking forward to this for sure. On Windows the
    most recent non-commercial Qt dll file I could find was Qt v2.3.0. And
    given the fact that Qt has released v4 with a Windows non-commercial
    option I am hoping to bring my code to a standard revision level.

    The other option I had been investigating was porting my application to
    an alternative widget set using Widestudio's
    (http://www.widestudio.org) GUI toolkit. After learning basic Tk and
    now Qt I was not relishing tackling another toolkit but it might be an
    interesting adventure. Maybe for the next application and not this
    current one :)
    gregarican, Sep 8, 2005
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