Question about multiple metadata files to one file

Feb 14, 2022
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Hi, i'm pretty new about code I have 2 software ( Visual Studio & Notepad++ ) and I want to do something that for me sound like tricky cause I have no experience actually I'm not sure too if i'm in good section of the forum, here is what i want to do if you have advice :

I have a bunch of metadata files ( 0 to 500 ) with inside each one a code ( i attach an example file "1" ), i want to be able to compil all files 0 to 500 in one, so the code by default for each files is like default.png ( in attach files ) & i want to change like code 2.png ( in attach files ) too and if possible to add for each metadata files one more line for edition #1, 2, 3 ( for each files ).

I want it look like the goal.png ( attach files ), I want to do this cause I try to up a collection of NFT and when I do manually it's take a bunch of time but I'm totally new to code if you are experienced and seems to be so difficult tell me ^^

I hope you understand something... :D


  • code 2.png
    code 2.png
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  • default.png
    4.1 KB · Views: 17
  • goal code.png
    goal code.png
    191.6 KB · Views: 14

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